Kaihuanvaara circular trail

The Kaihuanvaara Circular Trail (cycling trail) is 52.5 km from Rovaniemi toward Posio. It is part of the area: Kaihuanvaara–Kivalot, an easily accessible day-trip destination. Tree-covered hills are prominent elements in the landscape of the Kemi River. The hills offer beautiful views over the riverside and surrounding areas. Kaihuanvaara, or Kaihua Hill, offers the feel of remote wilderness, and the old hill-top forests are peaceful hiking destinations. The Kaihuanvaara Nature Trail, Hiking Trail, and Wilderness Trail, as well as the Juhannuskallio Scenery Trail are also in the area.

Kaihuanvaara is circled by a 15.7 km forest road that also serves as a hiking trail. You can stop in the forest to pick berries and mushrooms or try cycling the trail, even with a standard bicycle. As the road climbs the hillside of Kaihuanvaara, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the peace of the forest.

On the Kaihuanvaara Circular Trail, you can stop at Siren’s Cabin near Iso-Kaihuajärvi, or Iso-Kaihua Lake, by a stream that crosses an impressive lake-side birch grove. There is a campfire site, woodshed and outhouse next to the cabin.

Directions: drive 2.6 km out of Rovaniemi along Sodankyläntie; turn right on Kuusamontie; drive 49.3 km to Vanttauskoski; at an intersection, the road changes into Pirttikoskentie; continue 6.3 km; turn left on Kaarnijärventie; drive 2.1 km; turn right on Kaihuanvaaran rengastie; drive 1.3; turn right, still on Kaihuanvaaran rengastie; drive 1.2 km; turn left into the parking area. Alternately, you can start from the parking area of Siren’s Cabin. No public transport connections. No winter maintenance.

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