Siren’s cabin

    Siren’s Cabin is 52.5 km south-east of Rovaniemi, on the hillside of Kaihuanvaara, on the east side of Iso-Kaihuajärvi, by a beautiful stream at edge of a massive birch forest. It is equipped with a stove, table and benches. Water can be drawn from the stream running by the cabin, but the water quality is not monitored. The yard features an outhouse, woodshed and campfire site. Pets are allowed, but only if all other possible visitors agree. There are no waste bins at the cabin, so you have to take back all your garbage.

    Directions: drive 2.6 km out of Rovaniemi along Sodankyläntie; turn right on Kuusamontie; drive 49.3 km to Vanttauskoski, where the road changes into Pirttikoskentie; continue 6.3 km; turn left on Kaarnijärventie; drive 2.1 km; turn right on Kaihuanvaaran rengastie; drive 3.3; turn right into the parking area. The cabin is 100 m from the parking area along the trail.
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