Hopianulkki observation tower

    The Hopianulkki observation tower is located at approx. 54.1 km from the city centre of Rovaniemi to east on the top of Hopianulkki Hill in Kaihuanvaara. The Kaihuanvaara and Kivalot areas are easily accessible day-trip destinations. Tree-covered hills of the areas are significant elements in the scenery of River Kemijoki. Kaihuanvaara offers a diverse network of hiking trails and good service equipment.

    The observation tower is situated on top of Hopianulkki Hill along the Kaihuanvaara hiking trail at the height of approx. 345 m from sea level. The low-rise uncovered tower is similar to elk-hunting towers. The tower is surrounded mainly by spruce-dominant forest. The tower offers great views over the forests of Kaihuanvaara.

    Siren’s cabin is located at the beginning of the Kaihuanvaara hiking trail. The day-trip hut is equipped with a stove, table and benches. A stream runs near the hut for taking water. The water quality is not, however, monitored. The yard features a dry toilet, woodshed and campfire site. You can take pets inside but only if others agree. There are no waste bins at the cabin, so you have to take back all your waste with you.

    The Porkkalampi lean-to is situated at approx. 3.1 km from the observation tower along the Kaihuanvaara hiking trail. There is a campfire site surrounded by benches at the lean-to. There is a woodshed and dry toilet in the vicinity.

    From the city centre of Rovaniemi approx. 2.6 km along Sodankyläntie road, turn right onto Kuusamontie road to Vanttauskoski approx. 49.3 km, take Pirttikoskentie road for 6.3 km, turn left onto Kaarnijärventie road for approx. 2.1 km, turn right onto Kaihuanvaara circular road for approx. 3.3 km to find the parking area on your right. The distance from the parking area to the tower along the Kaihuanvaara hiking trail is approx 2 km.

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