Vikaköngäs accessible trail

The Vikaköngäs Accessible Trail is in Vikajärvi, 24.8 km from Rovaniemi toward Sodankylä. It is part of the Arctic Circle hiking area, a wilderness destination ideal for year-round outdoor recreation. The landscape's signature features are the rugged hills, open water-logged string bogs, and Raudanjoki with its spectacular rapids and lush shoreline forest. The hiking area’s trail network is diverse and has several resting places, offering visitors of all ages a variety of hiking destinations. It is easy to access year round.

The Vikaköngäs Accessible Trail runs beside the Vikaköngäs rapids in the immediate vicinity of the parking area. This trail from the suspension bridge to the lean-to area is suitable for the physically disabled. The trail is 3 metres wide. Vikaköngäs is also an ideal destination for families with children because the trail and lean-to area are easily accessed with a baby carriage or stroller. The lean-to, outhouse and dock are also well suited for the disabled.
The Vikaköngäs rapids are worth a visit any time of the year. They remain unfrozen, no matter how cold. You can also easily spot white-throated dippers at Vikaköngäs. The linear trail is about 350 m and classified as easy, even for wheelchairs without an assistant.

Vikaköngäs is equipped with accessible conveniences. There are two lean-tos around the campfire site and a woodshed nearby. The bank of Vikaköngäs features a dock. A toilet with a septic tank, and a waste collection point are also nearby.

Directions: drive 25.6 km out of Rovaniemi along Sodankyläntie to Vikajärvi; turn right into the Vikaköngäs parking area (200 m). The starting point is 50 m from the parking area. The Arctic Circle Hiking Area is also accessible by bus along Sodankyläntie.
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