Vikaköngäs lean-to

Vikaköngäs lean-to is located approximately 24.8 km northeast of the center of Rovaniemi, in the camping area of the Arctic Circle, on Vikaköngäs shore.

Vikakönkää has two lean-to and fireplaces. From the lean-tos there is a stunning view of the sparkling rapids of Vikaköngäs all year round. There are benches and tables nearby. A woodshed and toilets can be found nearby. The lean-tos are easily accessible.

From the center of Rovaniemi, about 24.6 km on the Sodankyläntie road to Vikajärvi, about 200 m to the right to the Vikakönkä parking area, about 50 m to the riverbank. Near to lean-to can be reached by car all year round.
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