Pikkurompa trail

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    3 h

The Pikkurompa Trail is in Vikajärvi, 20.7 km from Rovaniemi toward Sodankylä. It is part of the Arctic Circle Hiking Area, a wilderness destination ideal for year-round outdoor recreation. The signature features of the landscape are rugged hills, open water-logged string bogs and Raudanjoki with its spectacular rapids and lush shoreline forest. The hiking area’s trail network is diverse and has several resting places, offering visitors of all ages a variety of hiking destinations. The location is easy to access all year round.

The Pikkurompa Trail takes you to the old forests of Sortovaara, or Sorto Hill, which are almost in their natural state. It also includes bog sections that are crossed on duckboards. The round trip of the circular trail and the connecting trail totals 4.5 km. The difficulty level is medium. If you only hike the western branch of the trail to the Sortovaara Sami hut and take the same route back, the difficulty level is easy; only the Sortovaara surroundings are medium in difficulty. Besides hiking, the trail is also suitable for snowshoeing in the winter.

There is a Sami hut along the trail in Sortovaara, where hikers can make a campfire. There is also a woodshed, outhouse and a spring near the Sami hut.

Directions: drive 22.1 km out of the city centre of Rovaniemi along Sodankyläntie; turn right into the Makialampi parking area next to the intersection and follow the Pikkurompa Trail signposts. The trail starts with an underpass to the other side of Sodankyläntie. Buses operate on Sodankyläntie with bus stops fairly close to the Arctic Circle Hiking Area.

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