Sortovaara Lapp hut

The Sortovaara Sami Hut is 21.3 km north-east of Rovaniemi, in the Arctic Circle Hiking Area, a wilderness destination ideal for year-round outdoor recreation. The landscape's signature features are rugged hills, open water-logged string bogs, and Raudanjoki with its spectacular rapids and lush shoreline forest. The hiking area’s trail network is diverse and has several resting places, offering visitors of all ages a variety of hiking destinations. It is easy to access at all times of the year.

The Sortovaara Sami Hut is log-built, reasonably spacious, and warm enough as a rest stop in the winter. It is in a spruce forest along the Pikkurompa Trail, in the lower section of Sortovaara, or Sorto Hill.

The hut is equipped with a fireplace and benches, an outhouse and a woodshed. There is also a campfire site in the yard, and a clear-watered spring nearby.

Directions: drive 22.1 km out of Rovaniemi along Sodankyläntie; turn right into the Makialampi parking area next to the intersection; follow the Pikkurompa Trail signposts to the hut. In the winter, the hut can be accessed by ski or snowshoe.

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