Karhunulkki Nature Trail

The Karhunulkki Nature Trail is 24 km north-west of Rovaniemi, in the village of Lehtojärvi. It passes through picturesque pine forests up to the rocky peak of Karhunulkki, which offers spectacular views over the area’s lakes.

It starts from the parking area, crosses Pellontie and continues 320 m along Karhulammentie until it turns right and follows a power line across Nuoraoja. Soon after Nuoraoja, the trail turns left onto a path through a dry, coniferous forest up onto the hill. It ends on the rocky peak of Karhunulkki, where hikers get to enjoy incredible views. The length one way is 3.8 km. It is open in the snow-free season, and it is suitable for day-trips.

The parking area features a table, benches, an information board, and jungle gyms for children. Close to the start, at Nuoraoja, there is a resting spot.

Directions: Drive around 20.7 km out of Rovaniemi along Kittiläntie to Sinettä; turn left on Pellontie; drive around 6.9 km; turn left into the parking area. The Lehtojärvi Traditional Trail also starts at the parking area.

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