Alvar Aalto round -in Rovaniemi

Alvar Aalto (1898-1976)

The architectural legacy of Alvar Aalto can be seen in the cityscape of Rovaniemi, both in the city center and a little further away. In the city center, along a walking route, there are five notable sites. A bit further, in Korkalovaara, there is a garden-like residential area called Korkalorinne.

Aalto's famous reindeer antler plan, known as the "poronsarviasemakaava" in Finnish, served as the basis for construction during the post-war reconstruction period from 1944 to 1946. The plan got its name because, when viewed from above, it resembled a reindeer's head: the central sports field represents the eye of the reindeer, and the antlers curve organically towards different parts of the city. The plan has not been strictly followed, and in some areas, such as the city center, the four-story cubic style of construction has been partly abandoned as urban development has become more concentrated.

In Etiäinen (this service) you will find Aho’s commercial and residential buildings located on Koskikatu and Jaakonkatu, as well as the Rovaniemi Civic Center situated on Hallituskatu and Jorma Eton tie.

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Alvar Aalto brochure (LMM)

Alvar Aalto's architecture no. 18 (Aalto museum 2012)

Texts: Tuija Alariesto, Provincial Museum of Lapland. 12/04/2023.

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