Lappia Hall

    Rovaniemi Civic Centre:

    The Rovaniemi Civic Centre is, alongside Seinäjoki, the only completed urban center designed by Alvar Aalto in Finland. As early as 1961, the preliminary sketches for the library building included two other structures, which ultimately formed a seamlessly interconnected complex for administration and culture. The buildings are arranged in a fan-shaped layout on a park-like square known as Kansalaistori (Citizens' Square). The center's buildings open towards the city center.

    Lappia Hall, Jorma Eton tie 8 A

    1961; 1968-1972, 1973-1975

    One of the distinctive features of the Lappia Hall is its softly curved roof forms that resemble the shape of mountains. The façade of the building, which opens towards the spacious park, is straight along its entire length, with the ground floor recessed. Light-colored brick and porcelain rods are used in the façades, accentuated by the dark granite at the entrance.

    The interior of the lobby and staircase features "Lapland marble," also known as Loue limestone, and the walls are adorned with dark blue ceramic rods, creating a luxurious atmosphere.

    The first, lower part of the building was completed in 1972, followed by the main part designed for the theater in 1975. The inauguration of Lappia Hall in 1976 marked the last opening ceremony attended by Alvar Aalto himself.

    Originally designed as a multi-purpose building, Lappia Hall has been home to various organizations over the decades. Lappia Hall serves as a magnificent venue for events, theater, and music.

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