The Rovaniemi City Hall

    Rovaniemi Civic Centre:

    The Rovaniemi Civic Centre is, alongside Seinäjoki, the only completed urban center designed by Alvar Aalto in Finland. As early as 1961, the preliminary sketches for the library building included two other structures, which ultimately formed a seamlessly interconnected complex for administration and culture. The buildings are arranged in a fan-shaped layout on a park-like square known as Kansalaistori (Citizens' Square). The center's buildings open towards the city center.

    The Rovaniemi City Hall, Hallituskatu 7

    1961; 1984-1988

    The Rovaniemi City Hall was completed as the final part of the Rovaniemi Civic Centre. Architect Elissa Aalto led the completion of the building based on Alvar Aalto's initial designs. The most striking feature of the building complex is the council chamber with its sculptural tower elements. The lower and longer part of the building remains partially concealed behind the larger mass.

    The ground floor of the tower section of the building is made of dark granite, punctuated by white porcelain rod elements. The tall and narrow windows also play a significant role in creating an esteemed appearance. The tower is accentuated by its sloping roof, with its highest point facing towards the Citizens' Square or park. The lower part of the tower facing the square is set back, which lightens the overall impression of the otherwise massive structure. Another notable detail is the recessed speaker's balcony.

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