Stories from the Rovaniemi Riverside - Listen, Watch, and Walk

The area between Rovaniemi's Jätkänkynttilä (The Lumberjack's Candle) Bridge and the old railway bridge is home to many stories! The legendary Nätti-Jussi takes us back in time in his typical style. Between the bridges is a route of five stories, which you can listen to by scanning the QR code at the designated points. Immerse yourself in the stories with headphones, look around, and guided by Nätti-Jussi, move on to the next story. The route is about 2.4 kilometers long.

Story writer: Esko Janhunen  

Narrator (voice): Marko Syysmaa  

Sound engineer: Kaisa Vuolo  

Photos by: Tuuli Nivala

Nätti-illustration: Henna Huotarinen

The route is part of the project 'Rovaniemi's Smart Exercise Routes to Support the Well-Being of Locals and Tourists'.


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