Siberian wood-species trail

  • Difficulty
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    3 h

The Siberian Tree Species Trail (nature trail) is located 45.6 km from Rovaniemi toward Posio on the south side of the Kemi River and the Vanttauskoski rapids. The tree species trail belongs to the Kaihuanvaara–Kivalot Hiking Area, which is an easily accessible day-trip destination. The tree-covered hills in the area are prominent elements in the Kemi River landscape. They offer beautiful vistas of the riverside and surrounding areas.

The tree species trail starts among handsome Siberian larches. It leads you to explore over twenty tree species growing in the northern coniferous forest zone, the Taiga. The experiments aim to discover tree species that adapt well to the Nordic forests to complement their natural species. Numerous information boards (Finnish and English) along the trail provide information about the wood species.

Forest research can be clearly seen in the Kivalot area. The Finnish Forest Research Institute has operated in the area for decades, and many projects are ongoing. The tree species trail passes through experimental plots that introduce conifer species that would not normally grow in Finland. Information boards present the research activities. The trail is 1.9 km long, clearly marked in the terrain, easy, and suitable for beginners.

Directions: drive 2.6 km out of Rovaniemi along Sodankyläntie; turn right on Kuusamontie: drive 49.3 km to Vanttauskoski; turn right on Kuusamontie; drive 1.5 km; turn left on Kuusamontie; drive 2 km; turn right on Kivalontie; drive 5 km; turn right on the forest road; drive 2.8 km; turn right on the forest road; drive 1.3 km to the parking area

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