Puistolampi Accessible Trail

The start of the Puistolampi Accessible Trail is 6.8 km north-east from the city centre of Rovaniemi, next to the Arctic Circle Housing Fair area. In the area, there is the beautiful Puistolampi, or Puisto Pond (actually a lake), with its beach, a popular summer recreation area, especially for families with children. Around the pond, there are diverse flowers and bushes and a playground.

 The Puistolampi trail was made accessible by gravelling it in in the summer of 2017. Linear trails head south and west from the Puistolampi parking area. The trail is in use when the ground is free from snow. The length one way is 340 m. In the beginning, the view over Puistolampi is fantastic, and the western branch climbs over a beautiful flowered hill.

The Puistolampi beach is an excellent swimming place. Next to the lake, there is a playground, benches, and changing cubicles. There are two benches on a hill halfway through the western branch. There are several spacious parking areas. Santa Claus Village is around 2 km from the area, with diverse services and conveniences, and there are also two service stations next to the village.

Directions: drive 6.9 km out of Rovaniemi along Sodankyläntie until you reach the intersection of Lentokentäntie (Airport road); turn right on Myllymäentie; drive 1.1 km; turn left on Pukinpolku; drive 750 m; turn right into the parking area. The accessible trail starts at the edge of the parking area.

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