Maijasenkylä Nature Trail

The Maijasenkylä Nature Trail is in Maijanen, a village by the Ounas River, 70.7 km north-west of Rovaniemi. It passes through a charming shoreline pine forest between Kittiläntie and the river.

It starts from the parking area as a forest path that joins a wider, gravel-based circular trail. The one-way length of the forest path is 120 m, and the circular trail is 730 m. It is open in the snow-free season, and it is suitable for day-trips. 

There are no conveniences on the trail. The nearest is the Porokari Lean-to, 2.8 km from the Ounas River. It is equipped with a campfire site, woodshed, outhouse, and boat ramp.

Directions: Drive 2.6 km out of the Rovaniemi city centre along Sodankyläntie; turn left on Ounasjoen itäpuolenti; drive 56.4 km, where the road turns into Kittiläntie; continue 21.8 km; turn left into the parking area. There is an information board by the parking area, and the trail is marked with posts.

Points on track

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