Ulkujärvi wilderness hut

    The Ulkujärvi Wilderness Hut is 43.5 km east of Rovaniemi, on the northern shore of Ulkujärvi, or Ulku Lake, in Herankaira. The Kivijoki river runs near the lean-to, which flows to the Ulku Lake. The area is quite secluded and suits those seeking peace and quiet. There are no marked trails in the area.

     The hut is equipped with a stove, table, bench, and sleeping platform for 3–4 people. Outside by the shore, there is a separate campfire site with benches. There are also a woodshed and outhouse nearby. Pets are allowed, but only if all other possible visitors agree. There are no waste bins, so you have to take back all your garbage.

     Directions: drive 2.6 km out of the city centre of Rovaniemi along Sodankyläntie; turn right on Kuusamontie; drive 49.3 km to Vanttauskoski; turn left on Vanttausjärventie; drive 15.7 km; turn right on Köyryjärventie; drive 4 km; turn right on Herantie; drive 5.7 km; turn right into the parking area. Continue on foot along the old road (in poor condition) to the wilderness hut, 700 m.

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