Tuomivaara Teuvo - Loikka (2008)

The frame of the sculpture is formed by a massive steel plate, where two dimensions transform into three as the reindeer turns and "walks out" of the sculpture. In this way, both the positive and the negative of the reindeer can be seen in the same piece. The figures form a sculptural ensemble that changes when viewed from different angles.

The material used in the piece is a massive steel plate weighing about 600 kilograms. The sculpture is 200 cm by 250 with a thickness of 15 mm. A reindeer shape is cut out from the plate with a welding torch, rotated 45 degrees on its axis and welded back in place. The cut marks and sharp edges have been sanded and rounded. There is no surface treatment and the steel is allowed to rust, giving it a rust brown tint. The cutting and a part of the welding work were done at the workshop of Marttiini Metal Technics Oy, which supported and sponsored the work.
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