Salmijärvi lean-to

The Salmijärvi lean-to is located along the Kolpeneentie road, about 2.3 km south-east from the city centre of Rovaniemi, on the shore of Lake Salmijärvi.

 The log-built Salmijärvi lean-to is situated on the shore of the lake in an atmospheric spit with a lot of birches. The lean-to area is graveled. There is a campfire site, sleeping platform, benches and a waste bin at the lean-to.

 Drive along the Kajaanintie road from the city centre of Rovaniemi; turn to Ranuantie,  and drive for approx. 2.2 km; turn left to Kolpeneentie, and drive for approx. 280m; turn right and drive to the parking area, which is approx. 70 m away. There is about a 30 m walk from the parking area to the lean-to and the lake shore.

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