Saittajärvi Lapp hut

The Saittajärvi Lapp hut is located at approx. 50.3 km from the city centre of Rovaniemi to north by Lake Saittajärvi.

The log-built hut is situated on the shore of Lake Saittajärvi next to a road. The hut is spacious and has a fireplace and benches against walls. There is a woodshed and dry toilet in the vicinity.

From the city centre of Rovaniemi approx. 2.6 km along Sodankyläntie road, turn left onto Ounasjoen itäpuolentie road for approx. 48.4 km, turn right onto Suopajärventie road for approx. 11.2 km, turn left onto Saittajärventie road for approx. 12 km, turn right into the parking area. The hut is at the edge of the parking area.

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