Pullinen Laila - Primavera (1964)

Primavera is Laila Pullinen's first public sculpture and was acquired shortly after her breakthrough exhibition in 1963 in Helsinki. The work is located in the inner yard of the Ainonkulma residential building.

The sculpture's title refers to its inspiration, the famous painting Primavera by Italian Renaissance painter Botticelli from 1478. Botticelli's
painting depicts a group dancing with three beautiful women. Pullinen's sculpture, on the other hand, features only two dancers with fluttering clothes. The female characters are abstract, and the sense of dance is largely based on the flowing clothes. Both dancers have one completely realistic foot and toes. The piece represents the informalist trend that arrived in Finland in the 1960s, in which the feel of material played a key role. The surface varies from smooth to rough, which enlivens the work.

The sculpture was acquired directly from the artist by Auno Kerola, builder of the housing company Ainonkulma. Kerola later sold the sculpture to the housing company.
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