Ounaspaviljonki lean-to

The Ounaspaviljonki lean-to is located at approx. 2.6 km from the city centre of Rovaniemi in the Sodankylä direction in the Ounaspaviljonki area. Also the Koivusaari nature trail is nearby. It is a nature destination suited for spring, summer and autumn excursions.

The small log-built lean-to is situated near the shore of River Ounasjoki. The lean-to comprises a campfire site and a woodshed in the vicinity. The area features a beach with changing cabins, WC facilities, boat ramp, marina and a floating bird-watching tower along a nature trail.

From the city centre of Rovaniemi approx. 2.6 km along Sodankyläntie road, turn left onto Ounasjoen itäpuolentie road for approx. 300 m and turn left to reach the Ounaspaviljonki parking area. The lean-to is most easily accessed from the Ounaspaviljonki parking area around the year. In the summer, the lean-to can also be accessed by boat on River Ounasjoki. Public transport takes you to the Kuusamontie road junction which is about 500 m from the lean-to.

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