Mystery barracks and trench

One barracks building, about which little details exist but which has an impressive concrete foundation, is located near the tower blocks. In the German drawings, a car repair shop or truck garage is marked on this spot. The building may also have been a kitchen. A pipe used to drain rainwater is protruding from the concrete. The building's concrete foundation on the ground is about five by five meters in size. According to the German drawings, the building was about ten times sixteen meters in size.

From next to the building, a long trench or shrapnel shelter dating probably to the Lapland War leads up the slope. The main trench would have been originally about two metres wide and 110 metres long. At the end of the trench used to be a dugout. A narrow and shallow smaller ditch branching out from the main trench towards the south-east is likely to have been dug sometime after the war, except for possibly its very start. Some items have been excavated from the dugout, including a can of food and a broken wine bottle. There is also more recent evidence of human activity in the form of trash.
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