Lähdelampi lean-to

The Lähdelampi Lean-to is 3.2 km south of Rovaniemi on the shore of Lähdelampi, a pond in Pöyliövaara. The large board-built lean-to features a campfire site, table and benches. There is a woodshed.

Directions: drive 3.9 km out of the city centre of Rovaniemi along the Kajaanintie road, which turns into Ranuantie; turn right on Kemijoen itäpuolentie; drive 500 m; turn left on Kotikairantie; drive 400 m to the starting point of the Pöyliövaara accessible trail. You can also park your car in the nearby Virikkolammenreitti parking area. The trail is open when free of snow from May to October. There are several daily bus connections to the parking area.

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