Kontonulkki observation tower

    The Kontonulkki observation tower is located at approx. 34 km from the city centre of Rovaniemi to north-west on top of Kontonulkki in Marraskoski.

    The low-rise uncovered tower is similar to elk-hunting towers. The observation tower is situated on top of Kontonulkki at the height of approx. 265 m from sea level. The tower is surrounded by a massive forest and there is a cliff nearby. The tower offers magnificent views over the lakes in the area.

    There is a log-built lean-to next to the observation tower. The lean-to comprises a campfire site and a woodshed in the vicinity. There is no dry toilet or waste bin in the area.

    From the city centre of Rovaniemi approx. 37.7 km along Kittiläntie road, turn left onto Mukkajärventie road for approx. 3.7 km, turn left onto a forest truck road to Maunuvaara Hill for approx. 1.6 km to a boom, continue on foot along the forest truck road for approx. 1 km, then tracks and trail to the tower, in total approx. 1.9 km. The track and trail are marked with posts. 

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