Könkäänvaara nature tower

    The Könkäänvaara Nature Tower is 70.1 km east of Rovaniemi on top of Könkäänvaara, or Könkään Hill, in the Auttiköngäs area, an excellent day-trip destination. It is easy to reach and has a magnificent landscape. The area’s main attraction is the 16-metre-high Auttiköngäs Falls. The forest in the Auttiköngäs area is so old that it can be called a primary or virgin forest.

    The massive nature tower stands on the rocky top of Könkäänvaara along the Auttiköngäs Nature Trail at 200 m above sea level. You can access the observation deck via stairs and an intermediate platform. The tower has a roof, and it is surrounded by a beautiful, old hill-top forest. It offers magnificent views over the surrounding hills.

    There is a table and benches next to the nature tower, and the Auttijoki lean-to is around halfway along the Auttiköngäs nature trail, 1.7 km from the parking area. The log-built lean-to is on the bank of Auttijoki, equipped with a campfire site, benches, a woodshed and outhouse.

    The log-built Auttiköngäs lean-to is close to the Auttiköngäs parking area, on the bank of the Auttiköngäs Rapids. The lean-to features a campfire site and firewood, as well as an accessible outhouse.

    The Auttiköngäs Log-Driving Cabin is also near the parking area. It is equipped with a natural stone fireplace that you can use, for example, for frying sausages and making coffee. It also features a large table and benches. Firewood can be found in the nearby woodshed. In the Auttiköngäs parking area, there are waste bins and an outhouse suitable for the physically disabled.

    Directions: drive 2.6 km out of Rovaniemi on Sodankyläntie; turn right on Kuusamontie: drive 49.3 km to Vanttauskoski; turn right on Kuusamontie; drive 1.5 km; turn left on Kuusamontie; drive 27.5 km; turn left on Auttikönkääntie; drive 1.2 km to the parking area. The nature tower is 700 m from the parking area along the Auttiköngäs Nature Trail.
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