Kivijärvi Harry - Fenix-lintu (1990)

The sculpture Fenix-lintu by Harry Kivijärvi is located in front of Rovaniemi Court of Appeal (formerly the office of the Bank of Finland) . With this piece, Kivijärvi participated in the Rovaniemi City Hall sculpture competition held in 1987. The winner was Kain Tapper's sculpture Vuorten synty, but the jury also recommended that Kivijärvi's sculpture be purchased at a later date. The Bank of Finland acquired the piece in 1990.

The sculpture and its pedestal are made of spectrolite and stand about 5 metres tall and over 2 metres wide. Kivijärvi usually uses black stone in his works, but felt it unsuitable for this purpose, as it does not fit the illustrious character of the phoenix bird and black is usually considered a cheerless colour. Originally, Kivijärvi had planned Norwegian blue labradorite as the material for the sculpture, but as the Bank of Finland wanted Finnish stone, the artist chose spectrolite. The colour of the sculpture is close to the tone of blue found in the minute details of Aalto's architecture. In this way, Kivijärvi wished to connect the sculpture to the surrounding architecture. According to the artist, the subject of the piece, the fabled phoenix bird rising from the ashes and taking flight, depicts the rise of Rovaniemi after the war.
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