Keski-Peurajärvi lean-to

    The Keski-Peurajärvi lean-to is located at approx. 34 km from the city centre of Rovaniemi to north-west on the northern side of Sonka Village at Lake Keski-Peurajärvi. At a distance of about 2 km there is the conservation area of old forests: Kuusikkoselkä – Paljukkalaki.

    The log-built lean-to is situated by a lake on dry heath surrounded by tall trees. The lean-to comprises a campfire site. There is a woodshed, dry toilet and boat ramp in the vicinity.

    From the city centre of Rovaniemi approx. 20.7 km along Kittiläntie road to Sinettä, from where along Pellontie road for approx. 11.2 km, turn right onto Nuorajärventie road for approx. 4.9 km, turn right onto a forest truck road for approx. 5 km, turn left onto road tracks for approx. 240 m to reach the parking area and continue on foot for approx. 50 m to the lean-to by the lake. A snowmobiling track passes near the lean-to.

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