Käyrästunturi day-trip hut

    The Käyräs Fell Day-trip Cabin is 55.1 km north of Rovaniemi, on top of Käyräs Fell, the only actual fell in the Rovaniemi Region. The refurbished fire watchman’s cabin is good for day-trips. It is quite small, but it offers shelter from the wind and rain and serves as a cooking place. It is equipped with a stove, table and two benches, one of which has a mattress and can be used as a bed. The yard features a woodshed and outhouse. A radio mast is right next to the hut. Pets are allowed, but only if all other possible visitors agree. There are no waste bins at the hut, so you have to take back all your garbage.

    Directions: drive 60.4 km out of Rovaniemi along Sodankyläntie; turn left on Niesintie; drive 3.7 km; turn right on Lapintie; drive 400 m; turn right on the forest road; drive 130 m to an intersection; turn left on the road that leads to the mast on Käyräs Fell; drive 2.3 km to the boom. The distance straight from the boom to the cabin is just over 2 km, and 4.5 km along the mast road. The cabin is 150 m from the end of the road, but in the winter, it may be farther if the road to the mast has not been ploughed. You can ski or snowshoe the distance. A snowmobile trail also goes to the cabin.

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