Kätkälampi wilderness hut

    The Kätkälampi wilderness hut is located approx. 33 km from the city centre of Rovaniemi to north, at the north-western corner of Kätkävaara Hill at the edge of the Koukkulanaapa conservation area. Koukkulanaapa and adjacent Palokivalo belong to the old-growth forest protection programme and Natura.

    The log-built wilderness hut sits in a massive pine forest on a beautiful heath. In the past, a recluse lived in the wilderness hut.

    The wilderness hut is equipped with a stove, small table, a couple of chairs and a bunk that accommodates 3–4 persons to sleep. The yard features a campfire site and dry toilet. Firewood can be found against the hut wall.

    From the city centre of Rovaniemi approx. 5 km along Sodankyläntie road, turn left onto Norvatie road for approx. 6.7 km, turn left onto Norvan länsitie road for approx. 25.9 km, turn left onto a forest truck road for approx. 5.7 km, turn right onto a forest truck road along the edge of Kätkävaara Hill for approx. 3.5 km, turn right and follow the trail for approx. 100 m to the wilderness hut.

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