Huhtamo Kari - Monument to the Reconstruction Era from 1944 to 1955 (1977)

Completed in 1977, the piece is a model example of the constructive style of Kari Huhtamo. The sculpture literally springs up into the sky like a spiral. The motion starts slowly, but intensifies the higher it gets and ends with a bold upward-reaching triumph. At each end of the three-part triumph, Huhtamo has placed small steel balls that can be understood as full stops at the end of a sentence. The balls are also a form of a driving force behind the motion.

The sculpture is made of clear, acid-resistant steel and resembles the shape of a tulip sprouting from the ashes. The artist himself has described the piece as an expression of power in the form of metal rising from the ashes.

A separate exhibition stand has been built in connection with the sculpture. It consists of three parts: the first part tells about Rovaniemi before the destruction. The second part shows the destroyed Rovaniemi and the third part the city after its reconstruction.
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