Eriksson Olaf - Monument to the 6th Division (1981)

The 6th Division during the Continuation War was formed in 1941 mainly from men from Lapland. The monument is made of quartzite stone found in the village of Jaatila.

Heraldist and graphic artist Olof Eriksson was by 1953 the most prolific designer of coats of arms for towns, municipalities and cities in Finland. In addition, he has designed medals and, together with Heikki Häiväoja, the Finnish 1-mark coin (1964). In total, he designed the coats of arms of 80 rural municipalities, 16 cities and 10 towns, as well as nearly 150 logos for businesses and organisations (including the emblem of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities). He also designed more than 70 family coats of arms.
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